Snacks I don’t hike without that you can win!

I’m a big fan of snacks that give you a little energy and are convenient to eat on the go. My long time favorite snack has been the Clif Bars Energy Bar. 20130202-182746.jpg
It’s relatively small but fills you up for when you’re really hungry. A lot of times while working I’ll have one for lunch and won’t be hungry again until dinner. I eat them for breakfast a lot too because they’re easy to grab, require no preparation, and give me a quick boost of energy so I’m wide awake for work or school. Along with the energy bar, the crunch bar is fantastic too.

It’s a bit messy to eat because crumbs get everywhere but is absolutely worth the mess! Also from Clif Bars are the shot bloks which come in a couple different flavors my favorites being citrus, mountain berry, and strawberry.

They’re conveniently packaged in a line of 6 chews so you can cut off the top and pinch the next one out. No need to touch them at all which is good because they can leave your fingers a little sticky and attract bugs. They are very easy to pack too because they’re about the size of 2-3 pens held together so they slide into any little crevice. Another chew that’s similar is GU Energy’s GU Chomps.

They are packaged in a wallet sized pouch of 8 chews. According to their website these should give 10-15 minutes of energy per chew. My current favorite energy chew is Honey Stingers organic energy chew.

These things are super tasty with 6 different flavors on their site. They have about 10 per package which seems to be just the right amount for a trail side snack. Something you never want to deal with is an upset stomach when you’re miles from your car so avoid eating big snacks and big meals. A snack that should be in everyone’s pack whether its a day hike or multi day trek are the Keebler cheese or peanut butter crackers.

They’re super light, taste awesome, and pack easily. I usually get the 4 pack for hikes because 6 or 8 is too many for a snack(I ran out of 4 packs but had a few 6 packs left for this post). If you like jelly beans definitely try Sports Beans from Jelly Belly.

They have regular energy beans in a couple flavors as well as extreme energy beans in a couple different flavors. I really like that they come in a resealable package so you can eat a few here, a few there, and not have them all over your pack.
Time for the first contest of this blog. Up for grabs is all of these snacks, you’ll get each of the following; Chocolate Chip Clif Energy, White Macadamia Nut Clif Crunch, Strawberry Clif Shot Blocks, Fruit Smoothie Honey Stinger Organic Energy Chews, Watermelon Gu Chomps, Keebler Cheese Crackers, Orange Sports Beans, and if you fish a few hand tied flies will be included as well. All you need to do to win is comment with your opinion on these snacks and some other ones you think I should try. I’ll pick the most informative answer and contact you via email. GoodLuck!