Got my bike!

Finally have my 2013 Specialized RockHopper 29er mountain bike.

I am very happy with it, even though it was on the lower price range at $800, it’s a great quality bike that will last me a long time I’m sure! I’ve had the bike for week now and I’ve already ridden it about 75 miles. This bike is definitely going to get a ton of use! I am a little bit disapointed with the grips though, they’re very comfortable but are already starting to wear down where my thumbs are. Other than that everything is holding up nicely. There’s a few things I really need to buy for it though. Today I bought a water bottle and holder so I don’t have to carry a backpack with me! I also picked up a small 69 cubic inch saddle bag to hold various things like; wallet, keys, tire patch kit, first aid supplies, tire levers, chain links, multitool.

Since I bought the bike with the intention of doing some rather long distance rides, I’ll be looking into panniers as well, I want something that’s a decent size to carry my clothes, random odds and ends, and probably food. Also preferably insulated so if I want to ride over to the super market I don’t have to rush back with cold items. Plus the insulation seems to me like it would aid in keeping things dry. Like I mentioned in my last post, I’ll be towing my kayak with the bike too. I plan on keeping the bulkier items like; the Hammoch, sleeping bag, fishing gear, and things of that nature in the kayak when in tow. When I’m just going for an overnight ride I’ll strap those items to the luggage rack that’ll support my side bags. I may also look for another small bag kind of like a saddle bag to hold a spare tube or two and maybe a tire. I’ll also definitely need a small pump for quick flat repairs on the road. I’m really looking forward to organizing all these things on the bike when I get them. I’ve been reading about lots of people who travel the world all the time. It’s got me thinking, is it possible to just go around the world having fun (for me, going around on my bike)? I know there are programs where you work on farms with families that will put you up and give you a few bucks for your efforts. Has anyone used this type of thing to live around the world? Sounds like it would be an absolute blast! I’m sure I would meet some incredible people and learn tons of different skills along the way. Europe definitely sounds like the place to start a bike your, they cater to cyclists better than anywhere else I’ve read, although Australia and New Zealand are great places for cyclists as well. Who knows where the bike will take me. What sort of adventures have you biked on?