Small Stream Fishing

Small stream fly fishing.

This past weekend I had to bring my truck to a friends house that lives out in the woods. On my way there I passed a very small stream passing under the road. I had some time to kill so I stopped and hiked down stream a bit. The stream was very small as you can see from the photo, but I think it will be a good place throughout the spring and fall, maybe not so much in the summer though.

Since it is winter out here in Mass the stream was frozen in a bunch of spots making the fishing pretty tight. I only caught one fish but I saw at least a dozen, all of which being 6″-8″ brookies. For this I was using my Soyokaze with 8 feet of #3.5 TUSA level line and 2 feet of 6x tippet. I was fishing a small size 18 Ishigaki Kebari that I tied specifically for small streams. With this set up I could cast with pinpoint accuracy. In fact, where I caught the only fish of the day, I had to cast around a couple trees, piece of ice, and a boulder. I had lots of trees overhead as well. With my 9′ Soyokaze I had no problems casting around all of these obstructions. One thing I like about small streams the most is that a lot of anglers discount their ability to hold fish, they dont want to try to cast to the tight spots, or they only want to catch the monsters and think ‘big river big fish’. That isn’t always true, the smallest stream I ever fly fished was litterally a foot deep and one to two feet wide. On that stream I caught a 16 inch brown and a bigger 13-14 inch rainbow. The rainbow surprised me because most of them I’ve ever caught were no more than 12 inches. And since most anglers don’t bother with these streams I get the solitude I love! I’m a big fan of hiking in to streams just to get that solitude and hear the sounds of nature. I’ve had multiple occasions where I fished a stream for a few hours, look up, and see a deer or two drinking the water and not being bothered by me. That tells me I am doing a good job of not disturbing nature and that is my ultimate goal. Another challenge with small stream that I find fun is trying to figure out how to cast to the perfectly guarded pockets. Makes you much more aware your surroundings. So as you can see I love the smaller streams, what are your favorite spots to fish?


4 thoughts on “Small Stream Fishing

  1. Nice work, Sean! I used to live in W.Mass (in Sunderland for a few years), and I loved the region. So cool to know a fellow tenkara adept is working the streams there. I, too, own a Soyokaze 27 SR (and the 31 SR, too!), which I recently picked up for the very purpose you describe in this post – fishing very small streams. I will be spending a lot more time on small streams in the coming weeks for the solitude, the challenge, and the sheer joy of it! Keep writing! I enjoy your posts!

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